FAQs about the HOBOKEN to the BURBS Bus Tour

How does this save time and money?
Accompanied by a buyer’s agent, you will be able to get an overview of the towns, the commute and the community without having to read hundreds of internet pages or drive hundreds of miles. Our local town experts know the questions you should ask. And the answers. Since this is an informational session, you will get perspectives and overviews that are not available when home shopping online or if you had just walked into an open house. Also, there's no chance that you’ll get lost or miss the most important parts of a town. Plus, you get a bagel!

How do I RSVP?
Click on the RSVP Registration on the left column and complete the form. Your responses help us to deliver the best possible seminar.

Does it cost money?
No. It’s a free guided tour. We simply ask that if you RSVP please honor your commitment because space is limited.

Can kids come?
Yes. Please note that strollers are not permitted on the bus. And keep in mind that we will be getting off and on the bus to see homes on a specific schedule.

Will snacks be provided?
Yes. Bagels, coffee and water

How many homes will we be seeing?
Our experience shows that there’s a limit to how many homes we can show before they all start to blur together in a buyer's mind. So we will be seeing 5-6 homes depending on the time.

What will the price range/size of the homes be?
That depends on your answers on the Registration form. HOBOKEN to the BURBS is tailoring this experience so those on board get the most out of it.